The story so far

Bonjour beauty, I’m Hannah and I can’t speak French. I launched She is Fierce back in 2017. I wanted to create a beautiful print publication to challenge the mainstream media's portrayal of women and to bring your peepers back from screen to print. 

She is Fierce has (via four gorgeous printed magazines) published stories of some of the UK's most creative women who have carved out their own paths with passion, determination and the perfect amount of sass. Their experiences which include everything from big wins, to big failures serve up an honest dose of inspiration for all who read her. 

Last year, I launched The Collective, an online community that pairs the wild ones featured in the mag with my readers to provide a community with the added benefits of mentorship, online workshops, support and encouragement. We’ve spent the past few months helping members level-up their creative endeavours and help them to turn a buck from their work and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. We’re all in it together and I’m looking forward to kick starting it all over again this October.

With collaboration at the heart of everything, I also run workshops and meet-ups across the UK to bring the community together for real life hangs, because there's more to life than social media #PRAISEBE.


Our Vision

  • To create a shift in the cultural landscape and change the perception of women in mainstream media 

  • Cultivate a community confident enough to know what to do with their passion and how to get there

Our mission

  • To provide an inclusive platform that encourages creatives to take a seat, gain support from their peers and be inspired to follow their passions confidently


Where you going sausage? What’s the plan?

Here we are, 4 issues deep and She is Fierce is growing up. I’ve taken some time to sit back and reflect on what I’ve learnt so far from many superstars I’ve met along the way. Creativity, being at the core of all we do doesn’t discriminate against age, gender or race and we’ve realised that our message is reaching people across all demographics.  

The aspirations, determination and support of this incredible arts based community has utterly stolen my heart and after learning a whole lot of good stuff I feel confident to put the chaotic hustle behind me (let’s be honest, hustling isn’t healthy!!) and take a step forward in a more delicate way. I’m shaking off the old, and redefining my message to create a platform based on the assumption that everyone is curious about everything (which is this community to a tea!).

Quite probably the bravest thing I’ve done to date and biggest deal for most would be that the name and aesthetic is a’changing to keep up with the vibrant, delightful folks that have got me this far.

delicate rebellion logotype

Where does the new name come from?

OMG, deciding the name was honestly harder than naming my kid. I was settled on one for like three months (to the point of buying up all the domains lols), and then it all went to shit when I told someone and they were like… ‘Hannah, you serious babe?!’, so it was back to the drawing board or as luck would have it, my Spotify app.  

Those who know me, know that I’m pretty anal about my Spotify account and like to name my playlists as though they may be exposed to Nick Grimshaw at any given time . Rebelle Delicate is in fact the name one one of my playlists so with a little shuffle around, I came up with Delicate Rébellion. I know ~ inspirational ~, but here’s why I think it fits us so well…

Well, Delicate is straight up because she (i.e. me) was never actually Fierce.

The Rébellion comes from safety in numbers… our community is unlike any other I’ve come across. Curious and wild, respectful and encouraging. We are dreamers and do'ers, and would prefer to avoid the noise of the mainstream to distract us from what our heart wants.

The accent on the é? Well, that’s an aspirational thing. I want to learn French so that’s my reminder right there. 

Asset 8.png
The Rébellion comes from safety in numbers… Our community is unlike any other I’ve come across. Curious and wild, respectful and encouraging. We are dreamers and do’ers, and would prefer to avoid the noise of the mainstream to distract us from what our heart wants

What occuring?

Everything is sweet guys. I’ve just had the opportunity to realign my wee chakras and refine the the elements of what I do. I highly recommend it. Rather than being overwhelmed with ideas, my focus will always be with these four little fillies in mind.


Our beautiful magazine has become the go-to publication for artistic, curious women who appreciate the efforts of independently run businesses and recognise and are on a level with the work, the quality and the vibe of what we do. It’s the beating heart of my business and my absolute passion and the reason why I love it so much is because I get to work with amazingly talented folks, just like you.

Pull up a pew, dreamboat.

Hannah xo