I’d love to submit work! How do I go about it?

Yessss, I love a good submission. Please send your pitches, articles, thought pieces or artwork to hannah@thedelicaterebellion.com. I do try my very best to get back to everyone, however the volume of spec pitches that comes through my inbox can be pretty high. If it’s right for us, I’ll 100% get back to you. Please don’t take it personally if I don’t. I appreciate everyone who submits work. 

 Please note that unless print specific subs are open, pitches are automatically assumed for web content. Any off theme subs that you send in will be considered. If it feels a better fit for print it’ll be set aside with your consent for publication.

How do you select successful submissions?

I never like to put any restrictions on anyone’s work, but please consider our creative audience and be mindful of our ethos. It should be interesting, informative and well executed. That is all *winks*..

When will submissions be open for the next magazine?

Well, being a modern 21st century kinda gal, I don’t like to live my life on a deadline so best place to keep up with subs opening for print would be the contributors list. I’ll always punt out the theme there first.


I’d love to advertise with you, is it possible?

Yes, 100%. Please email to chat about how we can work together to make sweet sweet noise. 

Can we stock your products?

Of course, this is my FAVOURITE type of enquiry - I adore seeing the magazines out in the wild. Shoot me an email to chat.

Can you review my product/event/book etc.?

Yes of course, our community LOVES to review. Please send details over and if it’s suitable I’ll share with my network who will undoubtedly bite my hand off at the opportunity. Reviews are unbiased and published online.

Internships and work experience… tell me there’s a chance?

Okay, so firstly I’m Edinburgh based so you gotta be close or willing to travel. All of my interns are recruited through Adopt and Intern and advertised on the contributors list first. So please make sure you’re signed up to both of our mailing lists.

I’d love to collaborate with you!

I’d love to collaborate with you too! Let me know what you’re thinking and if it’s right, we can take it from there. 


If you’ve any other questions, please email me for a blether.