Oh hiya

So many possibilities. So little time. I tend to find some platforms work for some and not for others, so check out the list below to see if you fancy pulling up a pew with us somewhere.

Sometimes I send out mail and you’ll catch me on Twitter only during the full moon. You’ll notice my moodboards on Pinterest filling nicely when I’m on my morning commutes but mostly you can catch me on Instagram or email. I’m a one girl band y’see and my main focus is the magazine and The Collective, so you gotta bear with. I know you can relate…




OMG, social media, love it or hate it? Either way, it’s the fuel that fires independent businesses and a BIG player in offering me up some absolute treasure for features. I like to seek out artists and creators that make me feel, whether it be about their work, them, or me.

You’re most likely to find me on Instagram and Pinterest pondering my aspirations to become more reliable on Twitter and Facebook.



contributors list

Our website and beautiful printed pages are a culmination of talent found within our community. Subs calls will always hit the contributors list first. So best get your big beautiful imagination signed up asaps.

You will get the odd mailer from me but I promise it’ll be full of treasure.



facebook GROUP

Formerly known as The Noisy Girls’ Club (a ironic play on the introvert over here *hiya*), the Delicate Rébellion group is a free online space for creatives to share work, meet and collaborate. We’ve recently introduced a shared directory, where you can pop your details in about skills swaps and dream collaborations to encourage sparks between members.

The space is provided by me but kept alight by the community. You’ll get out what you put in.


Natalya and Fiona - Pyrus Botanicals

The Collective by delicate rébellion

Last year I quit my day job and launched the founding ‘Collective’ with 100 enthusiastic creatives who were also keen to level up their hustle and turn a buck from their passions too. I wanted to share my journey into freelance with some other brave souls, and learn how we could make our labour of loves sustainable incomes - y’know because a creative mind doesn’t always focus (let’s be honest, we could full stop here but… ) on the practicalities of running a business. I’m really lucky to know some of the UK’s brightest, most accomplished babes who were keen on sharing their wisdom and giving us rookies a leg up.

Delighted to report that it’s going swell and with so much success within the group I’ve decided to do it all over again this year. Places are limited.