Two minute tête a tête with Rebecca Gourlay

Rebecca is from a coastal town in the South of England and likes to draw, take photographs and make images. She studied Fine Art for a year at Goldsmiths in London, but quickly realised it wasn’t for her and so she made the decision to move to the University of the Arts in London to pursue illustration (and thankfully she liked this a lot more!)

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artHannah Taylorart
Meet Bianca Sparacino, aka Rainbow Salt

Rainbow Salt is the Instagram handle of writer, Bianca Sparacino a writer from Toronto. She was put in front of my sore little heart last summer and her Instagram has been the go-to grid of mine since. She writes about love and happiness, loss and regret - which are four words that could easily replace the seasons for most of us. We’re all going through something and Bianca has words fitting for all. This is why I want you to meet her.

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REEK Perfume: Damn Rebel Bitches

I was sick of the fact that our culture memorialises women so badly and had the idea of making a perfume that would be a tribute to historical women – our foremothers. The idea of scent as a silent rebellion excited me. As an older women myself, I was heartily sick of being sold beauty products that were advertised by young, size 8 mostly

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Briana Pegado
Sorbet and Signs: Meet Daisy Emerson

I left school at eighteen and went straight to Central St Martins, which was a bit of a dream of mine. It was great to finally be in London, experiencing everything both artistically and socially at that time of my life. I went onto London College of Communication to study Book Arts but it wasn’t really suited to me. I left the course and took a year out with a view to re-applying to do Illustration the following year. That didn’t happen, instead I started working and earning a bit of money!

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Dorothea Tanning: A perverse old girl

Picture this, it’s 1925 in the small town of Galesburg, Illinois, USA. A 15 year-old girl born to middle class parents, has produced a painting. Surrealism is not yet “a thing”. The painting is of a naked woman, with leaves for hair. It sounds amazing. Her family were horrified.

Meet Dorothea Tanning, part surrealist, part sculptor, part illustrator, part writer. Unafraid of doing what she wanted, she dropped out of art school and moved to

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Meet the Artist: Ella Masters

The definition of a rebel is someone who defies convention, and our resident artist for issue four of the mag is a girl who is exactly that. Ella Masters creates art - not just through her instantly recognisable illustrations, but through her words with her award winning blog and by reclaiming vintage jewellery to sell through her online shop Love and Luck.

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