Meet Bianca Sparacino, aka Rainbow Salt


Y’know the ones, the scrolls when your heart is broken? Sometimes, the instagram discovery page is gentle with its offering and despite the many triggers that eased the tears out of my eyes, these squares somehow made me feel a little stronger.

Rainbow Salt is the Instagram handle of writer, Bianca Sparacino a writer from Toronto. She was put in front of my sore little heart last summer and her Instagram has been the go-to grid of mine since. She writes about love and happiness, loss and regret - which are four words that could easily replace the seasons for most of us. We’re all going through something and Bianca has words fitting for all. This is why I want you to meet her.

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Instead of writing as if I have all the answers, I simply just want to write in a way that makes people feel seen in the way they are navigating life.

I find a lot of familiar faces within her words. It’s hard not to recognise who she’s talking to. A #QOTD on a nice bright background serves a purpose to a certain extent, but Bianca’s writing is worth much more than that, short but the sweetest.

After beginning to post her work on Tumblr and Instagram, Bianca stumbled across Thought Catalog, a digital magazine dedicated to stories and ideas (mailing list recommendation btw!). She submitted two pieces which were rejected so she moved along with her life continuing to post on her socials.

A year or so later, she wrote this INC-RED-IBLE piece called ‘how to ruin your life without even noticing you are’ while on a flight, she spontaneously submitted it to TC and it was accepted. That night, her post had gone viral and just two weeks later she was offered a freelance position with TC. NOW, just three years later, she’s penned two books under them and is their Creative Brand Director running all their social and brand activity. I think that’s a pretty inspiring story tbh, don’t you?

When love stays…

When love stays…

Seeds Planted in Concrete and The Strength in our Scars are Bianca’s books. Both valuable and empowering reads that claim to ‘speak to the very depths of those who read it, inspiring a will to love, and live’. From experience, I’m going to say, accurate. Her perspective on humanity, bolstered by her fascination of psychology makes her the perfect fixer of lost souls which she does by softly encouraging you to love yourself more.

Anxy poetry, which I also like btw, makes me wallow real good *insert rainy window seat, tears aplenty and a suitable Cigarettes After Sex playlist on repeat here*, sometimes those kind of wallows serve a purpose in the throws of a shitstorm as it brings a bit of peace to a noisy mind - I just find Bianca’s writing kind of safeguards me from the drama and allows me to look out for the things that are still pretty amongst it all.

Here are 3 of my favourite articles by Bianca, hope you love them too:

1) Empaths - Everything You Need To Know About This Personality Type

Because I’m an empath, I am here all day long for people who spread the good word. If you recognise these traits in your friends, let them know. The realisation of being an empath is like seeing your true self in the mirror for the first time.

2) You Will Miss Out On The People Who Stayed In Your Life, If You Keep Focusing On The Ones Who Left

What she said. All of the claps for this one. I think I've sent this to at least 3 friends in the last 6 months.

3) If You Care About Someone, Show Up For Them

This resonated with me a lot. I’ve let a lot slide on by the past few years because of hitting such a crazy busy point in my life that the demands of focus have distracted me from who’s important.

Anyway, I truly think if you need her, you’d have found her. But just in case, here I am doing the introductions in the hope that she’ll be able to comfort your mind if ever you do.


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