Two minute tête-a-tête: Rosie Davies-Smith


Rosie is the founder of the wonderful PR Dispatch - a membership that helps small creative businesses nail their PR without the need for outsourcing. Rosie is a total PR Expert and will be bringing us all we need to know about getting our gorgeous projects seen by the press.⁣

With a background in design, Rosie knows how passionate we can all get about our work; she also knows what the journalists, magazines and newspapers want to hear - because pitching to the press isn’t as straight forward as pinging them a gushing email about your work. 

PR has a language all of its own and Rosie knows how to speak it!

I caught up with Rosie for a quick two minute tête-a-tête ahead of The Collective doors opening next week..

Rosie Davies-Smith 1.png

What time did you get up?

I set my alarm for 6 but don’t actually get up till 7ish. I love to snooze. As soon as I am awake though I need a cup of tea to make sure I get out of the door.

First thing you did this morning?

Ahh, checked my emails. It’s a really bad habit and one I am trying to shake but I can start my day once I know if anything came in overnight via email.

Where are you?

Currently at our offices in Borough (near London Bridge). It’s a shared creative workspace called The Ministry. The space is a 6 floor Victorian warehouse with a bar and event space on the ground floor. It’s really allowed us to do the events and workshops we planned for 2019 and they’re dog friendly which a massive plus for a team of dog lovers.

Rosie Davies-Smith 2.jpg

Tune of the moment?

Kygo, Whitney Houston - Higher Love. I always love a feel good tune.

Who's insta are you lusting over?

Att Pynta.. We are good friends with the founder Kai and Amanda and I’m always stalking their Instagram for home inspiration especially as we are mid house renovation.

Who's account do you head to if you're looking for a boost?

I’m going to be completely honest (and a bit conversional maybe) - I don’t get boosts from Instagram. I find it very overwhelming and a lot to take in . There is so much to day to day of running a business (or two businesses in my case) so when I need a boost Instagram is actually the last place I’ll turn to.

We have a PR Dispatch community group for our members on Facebook and I love chatting with them in there and seeing how they are getting on or I’ll try and switch off completely from any technology.

What's your idea of a perfect Sunday?

Lie in till 8 followed by a cup of tea and breakfast in bed. In the afternoon a long dog walk and a roast with no plans in the evening. I really enjoy my alone time so a Sunday with no plans or commitments is ideal.

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Rosie is one of our brilliant mentors in this year’s Collective