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Two minute tête a tête with Rebecca Gourlay

Rebecca is from a coastal town in the South of England and likes to draw, take photographs and make images. She studied Fine Art for a year at Goldsmiths in London, but quickly realised it wasn’t for her and so she made the decision to move to the University of the Arts in London to pursue illustration (and thankfully she liked this a lot more!)

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Dorothea Tanning: A perverse old girl

Picture this, it’s 1925 in the small town of Galesburg, Illinois, USA. A 15 year-old girl born to middle class parents, has produced a painting. Surrealism is not yet “a thing”. The painting is of a naked woman, with leaves for hair. It sounds amazing. Her family were horrified.

Meet Dorothea Tanning, part surrealist, part sculptor, part illustrator, part writer. Unafraid of doing what she wanted, she dropped out of art school and moved to

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Marina Abramovic: The fearless femme

I first came across Abramović’s work in 2012 documentary “The Artist Is Present”, which chronicles her preparation of the 2010 retrospective of her work at MoMA. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Marina Abramović was born in Belgrade, in former Yugoslavia on the 30th of November, 1946. Her parents, being “national heroes” after WWII, gave her to her heavily religious grandparents to raise, returning for her when she was six years old.

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Alex May Hughes: The Gold, The Glass and The Girl

Sign painting is a traditional art, I’m always mesmerised when I see someone up a ladder creating layers of gorgeous outside a new shop or bar. Leveling the skill up is sign painter and glass gilder, Alex May Hughes. With her work appearing on the cover of Stylist magazine, in The Times and even gracing book covers – she’s a girl to keep your eye on.

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