The Collective: Mentor lineup 2019


Now its second year, The Collective is again bringing together another wave of talent to join our ranks. I believe in learning by experience and according to what we achieved in The Collective last year, I reckon most creatives are the same.

We’ve such a mixed bag of creatives joining us, some were with us in our maiden year and some are brand spanking new for the next round - you’re in for a VERY warm welcome when we open our doors this October.

You’ll see the wild value in joining when you realise that each and every one of our mentors is taking part in our workshops and content over the course of the year.

With more to be added over the coming weeks, do keep your eyes on our socials for updates.


Skye Kelly Barrett is a freelance curator, art director & founder of Roar Illustration Agency a unique boutique art & illustration agency that represents a curated selection of the most talented artist (both established and emerging!) within the creative industry.

Skye is our go-to gal on things, licensing, commissions, valuing your work and working with agencies!


Laurie Burley is a HUGE advocate for supporting independent creatives.

Her passion for typography and bold prints paired with a soft spot for leather has burnt its way into my actual soul. I love it all.

Laurie delivers no nonsense advice (trust me, The Delicate Rébellion could have been something VERY different without her!) and really knows the in and out of creating a brand you’ll not forget.


Jacqueline is an illustrators dream. She’s runs a very successful online store full of the most gorgeous illustrated products, has her work stocked in Oliver Bonas and her client list includes: Ohh Deer, Twitter UK, Derwent, Quarto Publishing, Mollie Makes, Kate Spade and Oasis fashion!

She’s making the absolute most of her skills and I’m stoked that she’s back with us to share her experiences! Check out her Five Years of Freelance article - she’s defo got this hustle thing nailed!


Emma is a multi-award-winning blogger and freelance writer who knows a thing or two about creating great content, a beautiful aesthetic and collaborations that dreams are made of. 

Community is such an important factor when it comes to being creative, especially if you work alone 90% of the time.

For me, The Collective has brought together a group of women with similar minds and missions to support, challenge and champion one another. It’s a place of true creativity and skill and a place I have very much enjoyed giving back to.
aime_square (1).jpg

Aime is our web wonder (wonder web?!). Founder of the BRILLIANTLY blush, Studio Cotton and proud owner of a beautiful brain that’s ready to explode with wisdom about all things websites, SEO, marketing, content and copywriting and most probs anything else you you need to know. The perfect phone-a-friend.

Alongside her Collective workshops, Studio Cotton are also supporting me in a more *fancy and official way* but I’ll spill more about that soon. It means something VERY special for you guys and I’m super lucky to have such diamond mates to share with you all! 


Fidjit is a Glasgow based tattoo artist who has garnered a cult following. 

Her ‘Drowning Girls Club’ series, which symbolises issues such as anxiety depression and PTSD, has to date been inked well over 2,000 times in many variations.  

I adore her style, her honesty and how she uses her beautiful work to support and lift others as well as raising awareness for such important causes.  

Read my interview with Fidjit here.


Hannah, (yeah, I’ll be talking about myself in the third person to keep these intro’s neat - and I don’t have a web designer, #onegirlband over here yo’) is Editor of The Delicate Rēbellion. A little Mama hustler with numerous side-gigs, she (me) knows a thing or two about the eternal struggle. 

I’m here with you all, sharing all the things that have worked and the things that have bombed. I’m also here to learn - because that’s the whole reason I started The Collective.  


Rosie is our IN-CRED-IBLE PR Expert who is back again for another year bringing us all we need to know about getting our gorgeous projects seen by the press.

With a background in design, Rosie knows how passionate we can all get about our work; she also knows what the journalists, magazines and newspapers want to hear - because pitching to the press isn’t as straight forward as pinging them a gushing email about your work. 

PR has a language all of its own.

Ella Masters Mentor

Those of you who’ve followed along for a while will know that Ella was our issue 4 (The Rebels Issue!) illustrator, and just how much I adored working with her. Ella is 100% absorbed every single day in her practice and her love and need for creation is LOUD. 

In refusing to define the type of content she produces, brands have taken notice of her work. She counts Cath Kidston, Twitter, Farfetch and W Hotels amongst her clients. 

So excited to have Ella back again, her workshop on negotiating contracts sans agent was super interesting! 

Ella Hagi

Another brilliant Ella!! This genius is a Senior Creative at YRS TRULY, a data-driven creative studio run by women.

Her background is as DIY as it gets: her media degree saw her start as an all-purpose creative who cut her teeth in fashion, hospitality and music. 

She’s worn the hats of a photographer, graphic designer, blogger, music programmer and much more. Now, she occupies the space somewhere between a copywriter and an art director where she strives to create social content with community and purpose at its heart.

She know’s the freelance life inside and out and isn’t afraid to share the experience it’s had on her mental health. It’s vital we open the conversation and keep it warm and welcoming as mental health is something that affects freelancers and small business owners in a very unique way.

claire jakstas

Claire’s work as a multidisciplinary designer has given her the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of high vibe businesses and individuals such as yogis, stylists, healers, writers and trailblazers. 

Her approach to design is intuitive and flexible in nature — think ‘inside out’. She’s not interested in trends, but rather focusing on the essential, the character of the brand. It was this approach that convinced me that her studio, The Alchemy of Design was perfect for The Delicate Rébellion rebrand that I know you all love so much! 

Claire’s guidance for finding your brand will be invaluable in The Collective.

joanna henly

With a global audience of 1.3 million people across her social media, Joanna is most definitely a respected figure within the Arts as an educator, illustrator and fine artist and I’m more than excited to have her with us this year!

Joanna has exhibited solo shows in Hong Kong and London, alongside working with the likes of the National Portrait Gallery and Saatchi and has enjoyed working with brands such as Clinique, Ted Baker, Diesel, Swatch and VANS!

Joanna lives, works and paints in lovely Lisbon and I’m we’re very lucky to have someone with such vast experience of all facets of the art world with us in the group!


Lex is a Northerner in London, a blogger at Talonted Lex, and a Pinterest obsessive.

She has been using Pinterest to promote her own content for years and, after seeing what it could do, she is now passionate about helping other bloggers and businesses find their way on this incredible, but often misunderstood site. We’re really lucky to have Lex with us (I know, with every single mentor that comes I say this exact same, but it’s the truth!) to guide us through what we should be doing to use it to our advantage!

Pinterest is known as a place to find beautiful inspiration and aspirational images but its benefits are so much more tangible than that: helping to drive traffic, boost sales, and raise brand awareness. As well as working closely with the Pinterest UK team, she has spoken at Pinterest's annual conference, at the Pinterest's Creator's Brunch, and at the Pinterest pop up at Vogue House.


Rachida is founder of the beautiful Rama Publishing, a lifestyle stationery brand based in London in 2018. Rama has stockists all over the world including Anthropologie, Papersmiths, and Moderna Museet. Rama’s designs have been nominated for top industry awards such as the Top Drawer PaperAwards 2019. 

in her other life, Rachida is helping people to make positive decisions about their careers. Her guidance and support help them transition to a path they want and choose and I think we could all do with a bit of that! Really looking forward to having Rachida’s positive and fun presence with us next year. 

Rachida also mentors Legacy Award recipients on a pro-bono basis for The Diana Award charity.


Super Market is now one of Glasgow's biggest and most loved regular independent trader markets, run by Kelly Conway who has a passion for all things markets and small business. 

Super Market is a successful, affordable and friendly platform for small businesses to meet the public and sell directly to them, a step which can be vital and often missed when setting up a creative small business. 

Kelly is always keen to meet new businesses and help them to develop their practice, she’s going to give us the ins and outs of taking our products to market as well as what goes on behind the scenes in running such a big project!


Briana Pegado is the Executive Director of Creative Edinburgh, an organisation that unites creative thinkers across the city through events, career support, advocacy, to bring together and help grow the city's creative community providing a space for creation, collaboration and connection.

She is also Founder of the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, an award-winning enterprise that provides a platform for emerging artists in Scotland and a cofounder of Povo, a process-led consultancy and collective that engages people with the creative process through research and experimentation.

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is the Vice Chair of YWCA Scotland - the Young Women's Movement. In 2016 she was named one of Scotland's Top 10 Social Innovators, her social enterprise ESAF won the Inspiring Youth Enterprise Award from Social Enterprise Scotland and in 2017 she was named one of Scotland's 30 Under 30 Inspiring Women.

She believes in working with creative people and entrepreneurs to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves that enable them to maintain their wellness while they work with purpose.'


Seona is an intellectual property and contract law specialist, but also deals with many other matters, from advertising and marketing laws to software supply and development and from agency, distribution and logistics to data protection and privacy. She’s the one who has our backs when it comes to educating and protecting our businesses and our work.

It's a tricky subject, especially if your a creative soul who hates paperwork and literally just wants to put all the good shit out into the world. But you gotta know that some people are MEAN AF - more and more indies are getting ripped off by big companies and are left feeling completely violated with no chance to battle them. 

I've had my own story - three times (one happening RIGHT NOW GAH!) with trademark issues and thankfully Seona has come to my rescue. I wouldn't have been able to cope with the pressure and mean letters I was getting from lawyers had it not been for her breaking it down into a language I can understand.

We are VERY lucky to have such a lovely lawyer with us in the group. You’ll love Seona. I know it.

I’m still collating images and bio’s for our remaining mentors, but as I mentioned, keep tabs on socials or hop on the mailing list for the quickest updates.

Find out more about The Collective and what other absolute gems you get with your membership - I can promise I’ve nurtured this community with the same love and care I give my beautiful kid (and my monstera!). It really is a special place to be.

Ready to take the next step? Course you are…

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