The Collective: The Awards


This is a first for us, but an important and bloody gorgeous addition to this years’ lineup.

When I was a full timer, mate I’d shout about everything from the printing my expenses form without having to fight with the printer to what a bloody hero I was for bringing my lunch with me.

Now that I’m flying solo, nobody seems to care - I’ve resorted to rewarding myself with another boil of the kettle and moving along with my life. Nobody ~really~ gives a shit that I FINALLY managed to change the timezone on my Later account so my Instagram posts publish when I want them to, right?

Well, actually your collective sisters DO give a shit. Shouting about your small wins can often remind others that the need to do the same. It’s these little wins that motivate and encourage us to look into different avenues to help our own hustle. And it’s these little wins we should be celebrating because it means we actually feel the shift of progression.

This year, we’ve invited some of of our brilliant mentors and sponsors to award some pretty shit hot prizes to some of the most ‘try hard’ members of the Collective. These will be awarded right at the end of the year at our beautiful awards/exhibition!! Bearing in mind our community is niche and beautifully compact, the chances of you scooping a win is super possible!!

Here’s a little round up of what this years’ class can expect…


woop. a double page feature in the delicate rébellion


At the mo, I can’t tell you what the new mag will look like! It’s all toppest of secrets, but I can promise you it will be just as beautiful as the FOUR (what?!) that came before.

A full double page feature will be gifted to one lovely member of the gang and I’m excited - really excited to be able to offer a little slice of what I do, with you.


by my best branding gal, The Alchemy of Design

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 16.58.35.png

Every business needs a starting point and there's no better way than to have a relevant and well designed logo and for that, Claire is your gal.

Claire Jakstas is the woman behind the fresh new branding of The Delicate Rébellion. She will be joining us a group mentor to pass on her design wisdom and help members realise their brands all so important visual identity. You’d be AMAZED how many creative struggle with branding themselves, I did for 4 issues of my magazine!! And I’ll be on hand to chat through the process that Claire out me through to achieve such a perfect result.

Claire has generously offered up one of her very much sought after logo design packages to one lucky member of The Collective. ERMGAAAAD, can you imagine?! I’m so excited for whoever sneaks this one, Claire is a total joy to work with!


gifted by skye kelly-barrett, protector of the artists


Skye Kelly Barrett is a freelance curator, art director & founder of Roar Illustration Agency a unique boutique art & illustration agency that represents a curated selection of the most talented artist (both established and emerging!) within the creative industry. Skye is our go-to gal on things, licensing, commissions, valuing your work and working with agencies!

Now we can’t foresee what the award will be here because there’s a lot of opportunity depending on who arrives with us in the group. So we’re leaving it loose. Skye has her eyes peeled for people she feels she could work with, so bear that in mind!


access to all the tools and contacts you need to get in front of the press

pr dispatch.jpg

They say all press is good press, but at what cost? PR can set you back £1000’s each month, and we think your hard-earned cash is better spent elsewhere. Coverage is crucial to creating a buzz about your brand, but we’ve proven that you can get noticed without the need for an all-singing, all-dancing agency.

That’s where this brilliant prize from PR Dispatch comes in. Rosie’s team have been getting small brands seen since 2011. They believe that great products deserve great press - with that in mind they created PR Dispatch so that every brand has the opportunity to make a name for itself at an affordable cost.

Rosie is offering a 1 year membership to the PR Dispatch programme to help one lucky member gain the confidence, contacts and resources they need to perfect their PR!!