The Magazine


Our gorgeous magazine has become the go-to publication for artistic, curious women who appreciate the efforts of independently run businesses and recognise and are on a level with the work, the quality and the vibe of what we do.

The magazine is without a doubt the project that encouraged me to follow my dream much like the people it features. It’s the beating heart of all I do, and I’m ~literally dead~ at the excitement of bringing it up to speed with our new fresh take on things.


As you’ll know from what’s come before, I’m dedicated to printing on beautiful papers using inks, methods and finishes that enhance the work we publish, so that will continue for sure. The change here will come via the format of the mag, I’ve got something in mind that I think will be BEA-utful. Watch this space yo.

Section Curators

To encourage further the community aspect of these precious pages, I’m going to be inviting guest editors to pull together the content for specific sections. This will safeguard our content from online algorithms (I know you feel me) and instead offer the genuine loves of those who step into the curator’s role.

  • Culture - travel, music, city spotlights, history

  • Community - our community, student stories, resources, focus on real people, independent shopping guide

  • Art - any medium

  • Fashion - sure, it’s art of course, but it will have its own curator

  • Society - no judgement introspectives and new perspectives on the issues transforming the world around us, lively and thought-provoking and of course entertaining

  • Wellbeing - because you’re proper lovely and I want you to stay that way

  • Business - the practical stuff in a anti-yawn way

  • Tutorials - sharing the secrets and inspiring along the way

**Bite size daydreams thrown in amongst it all


Until now, we’ve welcomed theme based submissions from our community. Although this will still happen, it will be filtered into the categories mentioned above and successful work will be chosen by the curators. 

More information about subs can be found on the FAQ page.


This fully depends on funding, those of you who have been with me this far will realise how financially hard it is to make and sustain an independent magazine. I’m keen to make it happen as often as possible.