Two minute tête a tête with Rebecca Gourlay


I first came across Rebecca’s dreamy illustrations when I was scrolling through the Insecure Girls’ Club – a space for women to embrace vulnerabilities and empower themselves through wearing their insecurities on their sleeve. I quickly did an insta search and immediately fell in love with her drawings and her aesthetic – you’ve got to take a look.

Rebecca is from a coastal town in the South of England and likes to draw, take photographs and make images. She studied Fine Art for a year at Goldsmiths in London, but quickly realised it wasn’t for her and so she made the decision to move to the University of the Arts in London to pursue illustration (and thankfully she liked this a lot more!)

I love a wee nose, so hit up Rebecca to find out some of the juicy bits.


What time did you get up?

I woke up 7:25 this morning, after snoozing my alarm six times because I just looooove sleep! Falling asleep used to be something I was fearful of because my mind would just fill with anxious and worrying thoughts every time I tried to switch off, but I’ve slowly managed to turn things around! Now I love getting ready to fall asleep - I love watching Bon Appetite videos on YouTube all snuggled up. They make me feel so cosy! It’s also very nice to remember sleep is time for your body to recharge and make sure you’re able to take on the next day with all your might!

What was the first thing you did this morning?

After snoozing my alarm six (can I repeat… six!) times I began my first Instagram peruse of the day- I’m basically still asleep when I do this so I’m not sure what fun I get from scrolling with my eyes shut but it’s a strange morning ritual I think most people have! Seeing everyone else awake and plodding through their morning gets me motivated to wriggle out my duvet and go brush my teeth and cleanse my face. A cold shower definitely helps wake me up but that is an awful thing to put yourself through at 7:30 am (I wasted five mins on insta). Oh, and coffee is one of the best things about waking up!

Where are you right now?

I’m in my office which is actually just a big old desk in my bedroom. I’m at my desk 90 percent of the time I’m at home so I have made sure it is an enjoyable place to sit at and slowly become an aged fossil with terrible posture. I have lots of cut-outs of lovely sights and objects from Cereal Magazine and Kinfolk stuck to my wall alongside prints of art works and letters from my friends and boyfriend so I feel nice and cosy!

Cosiness is key. So is simplicity - my wall is covered in lots of treasures but I think keeping your actual desk tidy is very important - everyone knows the famous phrase: “A messy desk equals a messy mind” and it’s true! I can’t focus for the life of me if my surroundings are dishevelled. My brain gets dishevelled too. 

moodboarding is a big part of Rebecca’s process

moodboarding is a big part of Rebecca’s process

Tune of the moment?

I’m terrible when it comes to music, I always end up replaying the same selection of songs that remind me of going to university in London and give me a strange kind of sparkly, melancholic but really warm nostalgia! I am weirdly sentimental about that period of my life even though it wasn’t the happiest of times – weird, huh! I couldn’t pick one song so I’ve selected the top three finalists!


Whose insta are you lusting over?

Omg so many! I love Instagram. Here’s another list ‘cause I can’t choose one (I love lists and hate decisions):

What’s your go to thing to draw?

I always end up drawing a girl with winged liner, probably sporting a fringe of some kind and wearing shells as hair clips. I just like drawing that!

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