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Yes I study fashion. No, I'm not an airhead.

The creative industry is growing every year and yet, as a soon-to-be graduate from a fashion journalism course, I often feel a wave of scepticism wash over people as soon as I mention what I study. Despite what many people think working in fashion isn’t easy, in fact working in any creative industry takes just as much hard work and perseverance as many other competitive industries.

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Loty Ray and the floral headdresses of dreams

Loty handmakes these gorgeous headdresses and headpieces for the people who believe more is more!
A graphic designer by day, Loty’s pieces are perfect for festivals, parties, costumes & events. Each headdress is lovingly handmade in her East London home studio where she uses a mixture of new, old and recycled materials to create each individual piece.

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Phiney Pett: Normal is in the eye of the beholder

‘Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia.’ We’ve caught up with Phiney on the blower in London and she’s stoked to spill the beans on the goss. ‘When I was doing my last collection, The Cult of Our Bedroom Fantasies, I was going through my old keepsake boxes and remembering that time when you’re a teenage girl: too young to go out, but too old to hang with your parents all the time.’

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