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Meet Bianca Sparacino, aka Rainbow Salt

Rainbow Salt is the Instagram handle of writer, Bianca Sparacino a writer from Toronto. She was put in front of my sore little heart last summer and her Instagram has been the go-to grid of mine since. She writes about love and happiness, loss and regret - which are four words that could easily replace the seasons for most of us. We’re all going through something and Bianca has words fitting for all. This is why I want you to meet her.

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We’re not judging if you’ve never heard a Bowie song

Band tees can be beautiful. They can be edgy or pretty, dark and macabre or light and poppy. They can advertise your taste in music, or they can be purely for show. Bands choose logos to be slapped across merchandise, in the same way designer brands create their very specific looks. Why can’t we celebrate this without having to adhere to some non-specific poseur values?

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